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Rescue Diver

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Rescue Diver

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One of the hallmarks of a great diver is the ability to manage and resolve problems in the water without undue stress. That's exactly what the Rescue Diver class teaches. You emerge with more confidence in the water and the skills to make you a better diver. Adventure Diver with Navigation Dive and current First Aid and CPR are prerequisites to take Rescue Diver.

  • You need to read the Rescue manual and view the video or complete the PADI eLearning. We meet at Pan Aqua for an orientation before the weekend. You also take the final exam.
  • Complete scuba gear for the weekend. We rent wetsuits, BCD and regulator.
  • Two days of skill development and Rescue senario practice
  • Transportation both days to Lake Hydra. Entrance fees of $120 to be paid by diver.
  • Instruction by Pan Aqua instructors
  • Tanks and weights


21 Aug 2024 | 6 | 5


Lecture + Final Exam
Wed 21 Aug 2024
02 hours 30 minutes
Pan Aqua
Open Water Day 1
Sat 24 Aug 2024
10 hours 00 minutes
Open Water
Open Water Day 2
Sun 25 Aug 2024
10 hours 00 minutes
Open Water

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