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ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER Exploration, Excitement, Experiences.

The Advanced Open Water Course with PAN AQUA DIVING

Just finished your Open Water Dives and excited to dive some more? Advanced Open Water Diver is your next step! The course is designed to advance your diving, so, as opposed to what the name might suggest, you do not need to be advanced to take the course. Through a series of five dives, you will expand your dive skills through different Adventure Dives as well as enhance your confidence underwater. Also, it’s the next step on your way to becoming a Master Diver, the highest non-professional rating in recreational scuba diving. 

Knowledge Development

Students can either do the eLearning or use the PADI Adventures in Diving Manual. Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation are required dives with the student choosing three more dives based on your interests and availability. When diving locally at Dutch Springs we normally choose Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck Diver and DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy). 

Confined Water Training

At Pan Aqua Diving, we conduct the open water component of the Advanced Open Water course at Dutch Springs, a scuba park near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A lot of our students come to us without any type of cold water experience, so we require a night in the pool where students will wear the full wetsuit so they are able to get a feel for weighting and buoyancy differences. Also during that time, the instructor will brief the students on the dives they will conduct during the open water component as well as present information about advanced diving skills.

Open Water Practicum

The open water component is really where the practice and education takes place in the Advanced Open Water class. It is really more of a practicum experience than a codified class. Students will plan and conduct five dives as part of the course. These five adventure dives can then count towards the respective specialty dives that they represent. PADI requires both a deep dive and underwater navigation dive and the student then chooses from more than fifteen adventure dives to satisfy the other three dives. Later, a student can do the classroom work and the other required open water dives for one or all of the five dives earning the specialty certification. May through October we conduct the dives at Dutch Springs which was recently named the number one dive site in the U.S. and number three in the world by divers on PADI’s scubaearth.com!


In addition to basic scuba equipment, which you can rent from Pan Aqua Diving, students will need their own personal gear. These items include a mask, snorkel, boots, and fins. A pair of dive gloves are also essential and are available for purchase. Also, students will learn about compass usage and the importance of a dive knife or dive tool. We will provide these items as necessary. 

Getting Started

When we conduct our Advanced Open Water Course locally, we are confined by the northeastern climate, so we teach the course seasonally from May through October. The open water component takes place over the course of a single weekend, with the confined water training taking place the Tuesday prior to the selected weekend.

The Advanced Open Water course may also be completed on many of our trips.


Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver at least 12 years of age is eligible to take the Advanced Open Water Course.


Course Price: $450 (includes transportation, entrance fees to Dutch Springs, instructional costs, certification fees, tanks, and weights) or as an add on to our trip prices.

Course Materials: $46

Basic Scuba Gear (BC, Regulators, Dive Computer, and Wetsuit): Available for rent


6/8-9, 7/13-14, 8/3-4, 8/24-25, 9/14-15, 10/5-6, 10/26-27

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