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DRY SUIT DIVER The PADI Dry Suit Diver Course

The PADI Dry Suit Diver Course with PAN AQUA DIVING

Dry suits are designed to keep you warm during dives of longer duration or in colder water. Diving a dry suit requires a different approach to weighting, buoyancy control, and gear maintenance and repair.

Knowledge Development

We use PADI eLearning for the academics.

Confined Water Training

Upon completion of the knowledge development, students will learn and demonstrate a set of skills particular to dry suit diving. It also gives students a chance to practice buoyancy habits in a controlled environment.

Open Water Dives

To complete the certification, divers must participate in two open water dives to demonstrate the skills taught in the confined water section as well as proper buoyancy control. We do the dives during the local dive season.


Aside from personal gear (mask, fins, boots, and snorkel) and basic scuba gear (BC, regulators, dive computer), students will need a dry suit and a dry suit inflator hose to be attached to the regulator. For the confined water portion, Pan Aqua will provide the basic scuba gear, the dry suit, and the dry suit hose. Students will need to rent whatever gear necessary for the open water component, including the dry suit.


Divers must be at least PADI Open Water certified and be a minimum of 10 years of age.


The academics and pool session are scheduled and completed on private one-on-one basis. The cost is $399 and includes the eLearning and all equipment use for the Class/Pool session. The two open water dives are additional and scheduled during the local dive season.