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EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST Get to Know your Gear!!!

The Equipment Specialist Course with PAN AQUA DIVING


Become a more knowledgeable diver with the Equipment Special Course

Always wanted to know how a regulator works or how a tank is made? The truth is, the more you know, the better you are at problem solving!  The Equipment Specialist Course does just that!  Although you are NOT a service technician and will NOT be trained to work on your own gear or anyone else's, you will understand the most common problems, why they arise, and how to mitigate or prevent them.

As a PADI Equipment Specialist, you are prepared for the basic scuba equipment maintenance, care and adjustments you'll encounter every day. In addition, you'll learn interesting background information about how your gear works, how it’s repair and other information that helps you with your equipment investment.


Divers will learn how their tanks are made and the different types and sizes of cylinders used in diving. Students will also learn the history of buoyancy compensators and how their design evolved as well as how the modern ones function. Also, they will be taught about the evolution of regulators, the many different types, and how they work. Students will be afforded the opportunity to look at diagrams, pictures, and physical cutaway models of real dive equipment. 

Knowledge Development

The equipment specialist class is based on a series of two lectures and classroom discussion. To help students prepare, PADI has created an Equipment Specialist Touch Course which is included in the course fee. Please contact the store to receive your code.

What You Learn

  • Review the theory, principles and operation of scuba diving equipment
  • Learn about routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures, and equipment storage
  • How to overcome common problems with equipment and recommended professional maintenance procedures
  • Gain simple suggestions for comfortable equipment configurations and an introduction to new gear





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