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WRECK DIVER The PADI Wreck Diver Course

The PADI Wreck Diver Course with PAN AQUA DIVING

As long as scuba divers have been slipping below the surface of the world’s oceans and lakes, they have been fascinated by shipwrecks all over the world. The history, archaeology, and untold stories of these wrecks lie silent on the bottom, tempting us to come to them and learn their pasts. However, wreck diving requires a particular set of skills. Though many wrecks require the skills and equipment of a technical diver, there are hundreds of wrecks well within the reach of the recreational diver. Consider this course the introduction to recreational wreck diving methods to help you on your journey of exploration!

Knowledge Development

Students must complete the PADI Wreck Diving Manual and DVD prior to beginning the course. Students will then attend a lecture on the same night as the confined water training. During that lecture students will learn about researching their favorite wrecks, planning and organizing their dives, and discuss special wreck diving equipment considerations. 

Confined Water Training

During the pool portion of the training, students will work with the instructor on reel and guideline protocols as they pertain to overhead environments. Divers will also learn about entrance procedures for intact wrecks and alternate fin techniques.

Open Water Dives

The wreck diving specialty course requires four open water dives in which students will demonstrate the various skills learned in the knowledge development and confined water training as well as navigational skills and surveying/mapping techniques. We typically conduct these dives at Dutch Springs, a scuba park in Pennsylvania on one of our weekend trips throughout the dive season from May through October.


Divers will need their own personal gear which includes a mask, fins, boots, and snorkel as well as basic scuba gear (BC, regulators, dive computer, wetsuit). Basic scuba items are available to rent. It is also encouraged that students have their own dive knife or line cutter, compass, underwater slate, dive light, and reel. Though these items are NOT required to participate in the course, they are considered fundamental items for wreck divers.


Divers must be at least 15 years of age and have their Adventure Diver certification. 


Classroom and Pool: $199 (includes course materials)

Open Water Dives: $398 (includes transportation, entrance fees to Dutch Springs, instructional fees, certification costs, tanks, and weights)


Scheduled May through October or dives may be done on some of our trips.